At Holy Innocents we strive to make your preparation for the Sacrament of Matrimony an integral part of this joyous and memorable occasions of your life.  Contact the parish office and make an appointment with one of our priests or deacons in order to begin the preparation process.  The Priest or Deacon will discuss how to fulfill the spiritual marriage preparation requirements (pre-Cana instruction) and the necessary documents for the wedding (wedding license, baptismal certificates, etc.). Marriage preparation takes a minimum of 6 months to a year. Reservation for the desired wedding dates and times may not be set until specified criteria are met.


In the period leading to the wedding, the Liturgical Wedding Coordinator  will work with you to prepare all of the liturgical aspects of your celebration.


Those who are interested in being married at Holy Innocents should call our parish office at:

760-955-6010 ext. 200 


Marriage Forms:

Please print these, fill them out, and turn them in to the main parish office during normal hours. 

Marriage Preparation Checklist- Bilangual

 Dispensation (Needed if one party is not Catholic)

Defect of Form-Spanish (Only if previously married)

Defect of Form-English (Only if previously married)

Prenuptian Examination-Spanish

Prenuptian Examination-English

Freedom to Marry-Spanish

Freedom to Marry-English



$175 Rite of Matrimony Ceremony (Outside of Mass)

Rite of Marriage Format:

Exchange of Consent&Wedding Vows

Exchange of Rings

Prayers of the Faithful

Nuptial Blessing

Rite of Matrimony Ceremony Form


$175.00 Rito para la Celebración de Matrimonio (Sin Misa)

Rito de Matrimonio contiene:

  • ·    Consentimiento y Votos Matrimoniales
  • ·    Intercambio de Anillos
  • ·    Oración de los Fieles
  • ·    Bendición Nupcial

Rito para la Celebracioón de Matrimonio

Marriage Preparation Checklist